Feed Supplement

Feed Supplements

Through our constant study and field trials, we have come out with a wide range of animal health care products like Vitamins, Multi Minerals, Liver Tonic, Calcium Supplements, Growth Promoters, Pro-biotic, Litter Care, Vitamin A and many more, which are used by all our farmers to their full satisfaction. We have kept the cost of these products very competitive in the market so that every farmer can afford it. Both traders and farmers have expressed their satisfaction and that's a source of inspiration that enhances feed supplements production level. Litter care is a hot choice amongst farmers, who find litter replacement a difficulty. It reduces ammonia gas level in farms, which is a nuisance against bird growth and environment pollution.

Looking to the demands of fish and prawn farmers who use Pasupati brand of Fish/Prawn feed, the feed supplements for prawn and fish farming have been developed which has very high demand in Odisha and other states.

Aquaculture Supplements


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