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Pasupati Group is committed to poultry, dairy, fish and agricultural farmers. In our journey of last 3 decades, we have stood to the test of time and have helped farmers to get their inputs at reasonable prices with quality assurances. The growth of beneficiaries in our fold is the testimony of the quality of service we have rendered all these years. Keeping space with time and market demand we have not only added new products but have diversified into new areas.

Message from Corporate's Desk

Prakash Rout, Managing Director, Pasupati Group

We are dedicated and committed to providing consolidated services for farmers in poultry farming, dairy farming, and pisciculture farming. Currently, we are the leading animal feed manufacturer in the eastern region and have a strong ambition to make our animal feed products and services available to farmers in every corner of India. We consistently strive to offer quality products at affordable prices for our customers, utilizing the latest technologies and complex automated systems. I am extremely thankful to our employees for their hard work and dedicated service that has contributed to the rapid growth of the Pasupati Group.

Prakash Nayak, Director, Pasupati Group

We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering integrated services for farmers involved in Poultry farming, Dairy farming, and Pisciculture farming. As we step into the future, building upon the foundation of excellence, we are a leading Animal Feed Manufacturer in the eastern region of India. Our strong ambition drives us to make our high-quality animal feed products and services accessible to farmers nationwide. Embracing the latest technologies and leveraging complex automated systems, we continually strive to deliver quality products at affordable prices to our valued customers. I extend my sincere gratitude to our hardworking employees whose dedication contributes significantly to the rapid growth of Pasupati Group.


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