About Us

About US

Pasupati Group is a diversified, Research & Development focused agri-business company, dedicated to improving the productivity of Odisha and its neighboring state farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase livestock yields. We hold leading market positions in Animal Feed, Poultry and Dairy Products.

We are constantly experimenting and looking for research-based solutions to improve farm productivity and thereby, the profitability of farmers. All our feed offerings are formulated with a deep understanding of the nutritional requirements of different breeds. We have prepared three types of poultry feed which helps in growth and development of three different phases of poultry, our innovative cattle feed, improves the yield of high milk-producing animals and different types and size of Fish feed helps in first growth and development of fish .

Depending on the poultry feed requirement in the state of Odisha, we have setup a fully automated poultry feed plant at jagatapur industrial estate, Cuttack in the year 2017 having a production capacity of 2000 metric ton daily to offer poultry feed in economic price by minimizing production cost. In the same process to meet cattle feed and fish feed requirement we have mordernised our cattle feed plant & fish feed plant to produce ..... &.... metric ton daily.

In poultry farming the primary requirement is healthy chicks, to meet this requirement we have setup 5nos of parental breeding farm of producing ... eggs per day, which is converted to chicks in our hatchery. in this way we are able to avail healthy chicks in cost effective price. we have integrated rural poultry farming in Odisha with us for complete support for the economic development of rural people for their livelyhood.

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