Name : New Cattle Feed Plant on NH5
Details: Drone View of our new cattle feed plant producing 500 MT/ day at Tangi, Cuttack on NH5

Name : Pragati Milk Plant
Details: A 300 KLPD modern milk processing plant.

Name : Aquatic Feed Plant
Details: Production of sinking and floating fish feed.

Name : Field Trial on Brinjal cultivation
Details: Organic manure used for brinjal cultivation.

Name : Pasupati Hatchery
Details: Day old broiler chicks production.

Name : Cattle Feed Plant
Details: Manufacturing Cattle Feed

Name : Pasupati Agrovet
Details: Bagging operation through a modern Machine

Name : Organic Manure Field Trial
Details: Field trial on ground nut farming

Name : Ultra Modern Poultry Plant
Details: Automated and computerised feed mill.

Name : Pragati Milk Plant
Details: Inner View Processing Center

Name : Organic Manure
Details: Poultry Litter converted to Organic Manure

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