Product Name : ORGANIC MANURE Location : Pasupati Breeding Farms
Product Details : Disposal of organic waste remains a concern when poultry birds of all age group are reared in cages under controlled environment conditions. When chemical fertilizer is losing its credibility with wise farmers, naturally the organic manure is the only choice. Realizing the trend, Pasupati Agrovet planned well to convert all its organic waste to organic fertilizer at its farm sites. The extra expenses on additional infrastructure and administration have been well compensated through sales proceeds of organic manure. Farmers growing cereal crops like paddy, maize or jawar, cash crops like sugarcane and vegetable growers of all types have one and all appreciated the organic fertilizer for its quality and price. We feel our selves proud to be a part of the “Swatchh Bharat” yojana by value adding to the waste, otherwise difficult to dispose. Back

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