Product Name : ORGANIC MANURE Location : Pasupati Breeding Farms
Product Details : Pasupati Breeding farm is a part of the PASUPATI AGROVET PVT. LTD Companies that was established in the year 2005, with an aim to produce the best quality hatching eggs and day old broiler chicks for its own integration, with a capacity of 35000 parent breeders on lay. Now the breeding operations have been expanded further to house 4, 85,000 parents placed at different areas with all-in-all out of system of rearing in the environmental controlled houses equipped with battery cages by observing the principles of HACCP at all levels. By adopting such practices the company has created a new milestone in the area of breeding in the country.Pasupati Hatcheries, a part of pasupati Breeding Farm, has also been established in 2005,spread over 30 acres of land to meet requirement of broiler chicks for its own integrations. It has now the capacity to produce around 45,00,000 day old broiler chicks. We are proud to announce that the hatchery is well equipped with most modern multistage incubators and hatchers that are being maintained with top biosecurity measures. Back